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EnchantingProject brings you the most updated anime streaming sites ever! It first developed from EnchantingProject's Channel in YouTube, now it has evolved into a website. Members, Moderators and Administrators are growing day by day and to no surprise, it has become a complete Anime community now,  where all of us who joined the website discuss our daily random chats in forums~ simply join us by Signing Up and you will immediately be accepted as a one and only unique member of enchantingproject.webs.com 

Check out the 'News' section for updates~                                                                             

Update July 16, 2011

A new animation heading, with the EnchantingProject logo, and a weather system has been added on by our fellow admin Hikari. Thanks a bunch =)

Update June 27, 2011

Added more sections to "Main" in the forums such as the Support and the ForumGuidelines. Will continue to update when I can within the forums.

~Administrator Sol

Update 25/06/2011

Hey guys, it's TadashiED here and I just wanted to say a few things.

Thanks to all the new members who have joined our wonderful community here at EnchantingProject. The number of members just keep on growing, and hopefully,we'll be filled with many more Anime lovers! (Don't forget to spread the word about out site!!)

As you can see, I've added a chat box on the side bar here, so hopefully you guys like that :) I also changed the background and created an EnchantingProject logo (temporary?) banner at the top.

With the new members that have joined, many more Anime have been posted, so don't forget to check them out by clicking the videos tab. Anime such as Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls [HD] have been added thanks to AisuruRI.

I've also posted some upcoming Summer 2011 Anime previews, so be sure to check those out too and hopefully some will peak your interest!


k, I'm done now..bai.. 

PS: Hikari-chan has an insane upload speed...Tenshi and I are jealous... -.-' 

Hikari (AisuruRI): Unfortunately i have some Bad news....I cannot upload any more anime to my Megaupload acc because i have used up all 10,000GB Of Hotlink Space...so until i buy more i cannot upload anything....I am Very Sorry for the Inconvenience and i WILL TRY to Buy more as soon as possible...Thank you....


Latest Videos



 Black rock shooter is the new addition of EnchantingProject's video by Tenshineko777~ Do check this awesome anime out! :D


 The Opening to the Upcoming BRS PSP Game!! Simply Called: Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Uploaded by AikamiChan (AisuruRI) ^^





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